From Bolgheri to Castagneto Carducci: Super Tuscans

The most beautiful wineries and most splendid Tuscan seaside towns

Our itinerary in the land of the Super Tuscans begins in Bolgheri, a beautiful medieval town that’s close to the sea, but immersed in a countryside that’s rich in vines and olives. The scenery is characterised by a lovely castle and ancient stone palazzos.

This a magical and poetic land, the cradle of sought-after wines like the Ornellaia and Sassicaia, immortalised by the words of Giosuè CarducciThe cypresses of Bolgheri, tall and frank, go all the way to San Giudo in double lines…” So there’s nothing left to do but take that aforementioned splendid tree-lined avenue to Castagneto Carducci.

CASTAGNETO CARDUCCI. Retake the road to Castagneto which - nestled high in the hills - provides you with magnificent views of the sea and countryside. Picturesque piazzas, cobblestone streets, antique artisan shops and characteristic trattorias ensure that everyone who visits falls in love with the spectacular town, which winds itself around the Castello della Gherardesca.

TENUTA ARGENTIERA. At about six kilometres from here is another jewel of Tuscan oenology, the Tenuta Argentiera. The winery’s design, by Architect Bernardo Tori, is inspired by the traditional architectural style of the Tuscan coast between Livorno and Grosseto, inserting itself completely into the context of the surrounding landscape. Argentiera is the estate that’s closest to sea in the entire DOC Bolgheri area, and is completely surrounded by verdant Mediterranean shrubs

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