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Exploring the Chianti Classico

Wineries and more

This is an itinerary through the Chianti, which extends from the Florentine to the Siena countryside, to taste the area's best DOC wines.
The itinerary starts in Greve in Chianti and passes through Panzano, Volpaia, Radda, Gaiole to end in Monteriggioni.

The first thing to visit in Greve is Piazza del Mercato. The town is rich with churches and parishes, and castles and feudal hamlets that became noble residences, country villas and farm estates. In the town square is Palazzo Comunale, which was built atop the ancient municipal palazzo that was built from 1485 to 1489..
Casa Vinicola Carpineto Snc
Loc. Dudda, 17/B , Loc. Dudda 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 8549086 8549062 Fax: 055 8549001.

Castello di Querceto    
Via A. François, 2 , Loc. Lucolena 50020 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 85921 Fax: 055 8592200

Castello di Uzzano
Via di Uzzano, 23 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 8544851 Fax: 055 8544851.

Castello di Verrazzano
Via S. Martino in Valle, 12 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 854243 Fax: 055 854241.

Distillerie Bonollo
Via Citille, 43/C 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 8544466 Fax: 055 8544520

Fattoria di Calcinaia
Via di Citille, 84, Loc. Greti 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: +39 055 854008 Fax: +39 055 854008

Fattoria di Lamole Castello delle Stinche     
Lamole, 70, Loc. Lamole 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: 055 8547065 Fax: 055 8547065

Villa Vignamaggio
Via Petrolio, 5 50022 GREVE IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: +39 055 854661 Fax: +39 055 8544468.

Travelling through the enchanting landscape you'll reach the Castle of Panzano of Romanic origin. It was an important fortification during the battles between Siena and Florence in the 1200s. Original documents of the 1200s reveal that the castle belonged to the Ricasoli Firidoli nobles, the same who owned the Montegrossi and Brolio castles

Basilica Cafaggio Società Agricola a.r.l.
Via S. Martino in Cecione, 5 50020 PANZANO IN CHIANTI - (FI) Tel: +39 055 8549094 852949 Fax: +39 055 854909.

Castello di Volpaia   
Loc. Volpaia 53017 RADDA IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 738066 Fax: 0577 738619

This hamlet has Etruscan origins: traces of this incredible civilization have been found in the area, In 1384, it was the capital of the Chianti League, which includes the areas of Castellina and Gaiole in Chianti (such leagues were autonomous jurisdictions in the Florentine countryside that had administrative power). At the centre of the town is the Municipal Palazzo, Palazzo del Podestà, built in the 1400s, whose facade is decorated with coats of arms. Don't miss the church of San Niccolò or the nearby convent of S. Maria in Prato, which houses a museum of sacred art. Radda is also where the Chianti Classico Consortium is located.  

Podere Terreno alla via della Volpaia     
Via della Volpaia 53017 RADDA IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 738312 Fax: 0577 738400.

Castello d’Albola Soc. Agr. Semplice
Via Pian d’Albola, 31 53017 RADDA IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 738019 Fax: 0577 738793.

In 1300, with the proclamation of the "Chianti League", Gaiole became the capital of the "terziere", encouraging the important of the town, which was already famous for its market and commercial services along the road to Siena. Today, between June to September, numerous festivals and feasts celebrate the harvest.

Castello di Cacchiano    
Monti in Chianti , Loc. Cacchiano 53010 GAIOLE IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 747018 Fax: 0577 747157.

Cantine del Castello di Brolio
53013 GAIOLE IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 7301 Fax: 0577 730225.

Badia a Coltibuono     
Loc. Badia a Coltibuono 53013 GAIOLE IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 74481 Fax: 0577 749235

Azienda Agricola Rocca di Castagnoli     
Loc. Castagnoli 53013 GAIOLE IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 731004 Fax: 0577 731050

Castello di san Donato in Perano
Loc. San Donato in Perano 53013 GAIOLE IN CHIANTI - (SI) Tel: 0577 744121 Fax: 0577 745023.

The Chianti Classico itinerari makes a special stop: in Monteriggioni. The town was built by the Sienese atop a hill and protected by fortified walls. The homes in the town surround a parsh church from the 14th century. There are only 200 inhabitants today. There is a very good restaurant in the main piazza and numerous shops selling artisan products.

Castel Pietraio     
Strada di Strove, 33 , Loc. Castel Pietraio 53035 MONTERIGGIONI - (SI) Tel: 0577 300020 - 301038 Fax: 0577 300977.
Source: Movimento del Turismo del Vino