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Explore the Maremma Park on two wheels

The beautiful countryside of the Ombrone Valley

This route explores the farms and countryside of the flat valley of the Ombrone river. It leads to the visitor centre of the Maremma Park and returns to Rispescia along the river. The route is completely flat, and cyclists can take a break at the Marina di Alberese beach. Refreshment can be found at Rispescia, Alberese and, during the summer, at Marina di Alberese. 

The route starts from the centre of Rispescia near the church. After the roundabout follow signs for the Maremma Park and pass a sports field on the left. After 400m turn right at a T-junction towards Alberese on the S.P. 59 which goes under the railway line (0.6). After 1.2km leave the S.P. 59, turning left on the Ponti Neri road (1.4), which starts near an Enel tower.

After 1.2km turn left at the junction onto the Barbicato Road (2.6km). Follow the railway until you reach a T-junction (4.9) where you should turn right on the Molinaccio Road. Continue for 3km along a beautiful avenue bordered by pine trees which will take you to Alberese. At the T junction turn right along the road which goes into the centre of Alberese and shortly after you will reach the visitor centre of the Maremma Park (8.4).

Here you should turn left along the bike path which runs parallel to the S.P. 59. After around 2km you will reach Spergolaia. From here take the tree-lined avenue towards Marina di Alberese. At the disused barrier (11.8) in Vacchereccia take the bike path on the right (currently incomplete) towards Marina di Alberese (17). Continue for around 2km, going through Tombolo, until the mouth of the river Ombrone and the Chiavica bridge (19.2). From here head back to Spergolaia, continuing until the end of the avenue (27).

Continue through the olive trees for 1km before turning right along a dirt track, following directions for the riding stables. After 300m the track passes near some ruined houses and an Enel tower, before arriving at the agriturismo Gelsomino (29). From here continue on the asphalt road for 700m until a junction, at which point you should turn left on the Antica Dogana Road towards the agriturismo Tagliamento. Continue straight for 900m until a sharp bend to the right (30.6): here leave the asphalt road and go straight along the dirt track, which goes slightly uphill.

After the iron barrier continue for around 500m along the bank (on the left you’ll see the Ombrone river, on the right there are some stables) until the next iron barrier (31.2) where you should turn right, heading downhill towards Rispescia. Shortly after the road becomes asphalt once more and you should continue on the Giuncola Road until a T-junction (32.8), where you should keep right on the Giuncola Road until the junction with the S.P. 59 "Alberese" road (33.4). Her, turn left towards Rispescia, passing under the railway. After 200m turn left again and you’ll find yourself back at the roundabout of Rispescia, near the church (34.2).

Departure and arrival point: Rispescia
Difficulty: Easy
Type of road: Asphalt
Length: 34,2 Km
Difference in altitude: 0 m