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Explore the Albegna Valley by bike

A beautiful route along the Silver Coast

This is a fairly flat route, and experienced cyclists will find it an easy ride. For tourists, the route goes through several places of interest such as the Orbetello Lagoon, the Cosa archaeological ruins, the Oasis of Burano, the Tarocchi Gardens and the towns of Capalbio and Magliano in Toscana.

From Orbetello take the road which leads to Orbetello Scalo. From the hospital, continue until an obvious roundabout, where you should take the one way Vecchia Aurelia road until a junction. Here, turn right onto the Strada di Camerette, which follows the railway and reaches a locked gate after around 2km. Only cyclists and pedestrians can get through.

Continue along the Orbetello Lagoon until you reach the end of the road (another gate) and get to another junction (8km): continue to the right (to the left there is a railway bridge) and, immediately afterwards, follow signs for Ansedonia and the Cosa archaeological ruins. Continue uphill until the summit (10.9), and after a road to the left (which leads to Cosa), head downhill for 1.1km until a junction (12), where you should continue straight on, towards Capalbio Scalo on the S.P.68.

After around 2.4km you will reach the entrance to the WWF Oasis of Burano (19.2), an ideal stop for nature lovers and birdwatchers. The route continues along the side of the lake. At the junction (25.8) the road swerves to the left and goes under the railway line, towards Chiarone and S.S. 1 Aurelia. After the underpass, keep left and go towards Aurelia and Pescia Fiorentina, before arriving in Chiarone Scalo.

After the small town, turn right near two large pine trees (26.7), heading towards Aurelia on the S.P. 75. After 3.5km you will pass under the 4-lane S.S. 1 Aurelia road, and continue towards Pescia Fiorentina. At the next junction (31.2) turn left on the S.P. 93 "Pedemontana" road towards Carige. The Giardino dei Tarocchi is on the right and well worth a visit.

The Pedemontana road undulates through oak trees and crosses the beautiful Maremma area, full of olive groves, vineyards and farmhouses. At the end of Borgo Carige (35.9) leave the Pedemontana road and turn right onto the S.P. 63, heading towards Capalbio. After around 2km the road heads into an oak forest and the climb towards Capalbio begins (41).

After the town, continue downhill on the S.P. 63, which turns left towards Marsiliana, Albinia and Magliano. After an initial downhill section, the road continues to undulate before a flat section before Borgo Marsiliana (55). From here, continue to Manciano on the S.R. 74 for around 400m until a junction on the left for Magliano in Toscana. Take the S.P. 94 "Sant'Andrea" road, which will soon take you past the Albegna river.

Continue on the S.P. 94 with a slight climb up to Fosso Patrignone. After around 7km you can take a short detour to see the ruins of the church of San Bruzio. A couple of kilometres after you will get to a T-junction with the S.P. 160, where you should turn right for Magliano in Toscana, which you will get to after around 1km (65.6). After the historic centre you will be back on the S.P. 160, heading towards Albinia. The road is mostly downhill until the bridge over the river Albegna (78), and shortly after that you will cross the S.R. 74. Follow signs for La Parrina on the S.P. 128.

After the junction for La Parrina, continue until Quattrostrade (82.4). Around 50 metres before the S.S. 1 Aurelia road, turn left onto a side road, the "Via vicinale dei Poggi", following signs for "Maneggio - Passeggiate a cavallo (Il Barbazzale)". After 500m, at a T-junction, turn right along the same road. After 1.4km along a dirt track, the road becomes asphalt once more until the S.S.1 Aurelia road (85.5). Here, turn left (direction Rome). For 500 metres watch out for the traffic, and then take the exit for Orbetello. Once in Orbetello Scalo, follow signs for the hospital, and at the roundabout take the bike path which will take you to Orbetello (89).

Point of departure and arrival: Orbetello
Difficulty: Medium
Type of road: Asphalt
Length: 89 Km
Difference in altitude: 550 m