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Volterra by bike
Photo ©Enrico Caracciolo

Follow in the footsteps of the Etruscans - from Volterra to Populonia by bike

Through the Val di Cornia area in the footsteps of the ancient Etruscans

First leg
Alabaster stone in Volterra
Sunset in Volterra
Sunset in Volterra - Credit: Riccardo
Second leg
Towards the Devil's Valley
Larderello nature
Larderello nature - Credit: Musei Val di Cecina
Third leg
Into the woods
Sassetta - Credit: APT
Fourth leg
Campiglia Marittima
Campiglia Marittima
Campiglia Marittima - Credit: Mirella
Fifth leg
A glimpse of the Etruscan coast
Populonia fortress
Populonia fortress - Credit: Enrico Caracciolo
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