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Discovering Suvereto

This tour can be done either on foot or by mountain bike

Point of departure and arrival: Suvereto
Distance: 18km
Duration: 4 and a half hours on foot, 2 and a half hours by mountain bike
Type of road: cart tracks and short stretches of asphalt
Elevation gain: about 300 metres
Difficulty: moderate

Note: if the directions are followed carefully, the itinerary does not present any orientation difficulties. From a technical point of view, it is also suitable for less-experienced walkers and cyclists. By mountain bike, the uphill climb to Campiglia requires a certain amount of effort by the not-so-athletic, but it is short enough to be considered suitable for everyone.
Departure is from the big carpark near the Carabinieri station and a busy coach stop. The exit from the car park is a compulsory left turn. 50 metres after the Carabinieri station you turn right downhill towards the “I Vignacci” holiday farm. Carry on downhill along the tarmac road. At the crossroads go straight ahead, skirting “La Fontanella” holiday farm on your right (about 2km from the starting point). 1km past the entrance to the farm the road becomes a dirt road and gradually begins to climb. Ignore the turn-offs to the right and keep to the main track through orchards, vineyards and lovely cork oak trees.
4.5km from the starting point you come to a fork where you turn right and follow the signs for “Le Volpaiole” farm. At this point the climb becomes steeper for about 1km until it reaches the farm in a scenic position. The road continues without difficulty through the scrub and vineyards and then begins to climb again. After about 500 metres there is a fork where you go left (the fork to the right goes up to a private property). Continuing along a bend on the flat you come to the old Campiglia hospital.
At an obvious T-junction (7 km from the start) with a beautiful view, turn right onto the tarmac road that leads to the centre of Campiglia Marittima. After 200 metres on the tarmac (Via dell’Annunziata) you come to a junction. The itinerary continues to the right with a sharp bend near the municipal nursery school, but we recommend the short detour towards the centre of Campiglia.
The itinerary continues for about 200 metres on tarmac, after which it becomes a wide dirt road which goes around the slopes of Monte Calvi in the direction of Suvereto and overlooking the Val di Cornia. The road continues in a gentle rise to the Tinaio farm (12 km) where it then beings to descend. At the point where it begins to descend there is a road to the left which goes up to the top of Monte Calvi (at the first T-junction go right). The road descends between pines, oaks and holm oaks and the surface becomes uneven and stony.
The disused old quarries passed along the way give a taste of industrial archaeology. At a pronounced downhill bend to the right, follow the road in this direction and do not go straight ahead (unmade road). Carry on along the main trail through vegetation past “Le Foreste” holiday farm. The dirt road carries on downhill to a gate where it forks (14.5km); keep left downhill on the gravel road. The road ends after 500 metres at a T-junction where you turn right onto the tarmac road. After 1km the tarmac road bends decisively to the right, but the itinerary carries straight on, following the cement telegraph poles and the signs for “Il Falcone” holiday farm. By a large oak tree near the entrance to the farm go right on the road that leads to the Carabinieri station and the big car park at Suvereto.
Source: www.costadeglietruschi.it
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