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Discover the tuff towns by bike

Explore some of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany

This is a route which takes in beautiful landscape, and make sure you leave a full day to give you time to visit the sites along the way. The most challenging part is the short hill up to Sorano and the 3km hill from Pitigliano (Valle del Lente) until the junction with the S.P. 22 towards Sorano.

From Sorano follow signs for San Quirico along the S.P. 12, which you will arrive at after around 5km. From the town centre follow signs for Vitozza and then take the S.P. 12 towards Pitigliano. After 1.8km you will come to a clear crossroads: continue straight (crossing the S.R. 74) towards Manciano. Do not take the turns off to the right for Sovana and Pitigliano.

Continue along the S.P. 127 "Pantano" road, which is fairly easy and passes through farmlands for about six kilometres until a junction, where you should turn right on the S.R. 74 towards Pitigliano. At Madonna delle Grazie there is a stunning view over Pitigliano, which you will reach after around 2km: 1.2km downhill and 800m up.

After passing through the centre of Pitigliano, you will find yourself back on the same road; follow it towards the Lente Valley. After the town, at a clear bend to the left, turn right towards Sovana on the S.P. 46. Bypassing the tuff rock on which the town of Pitigliano is built, after 4.8km uphill you will get to a T junction (45.5). If you turn left here you will reach Sovana after 2km downhill. The route, however, turns right along the S.P. 22 towards Sorano. After 4km downhill between the high tuff walls, and passing near the Via Cava of San Rocco, you will get to the bridge over the river Lente, and after around 1km uphill you’ll find yourself back at Sorano (52.5).


Point of departure and arrival: Sorano
Difficulty: Easy, Medium
Type of road: Asphalt
Length: 52,5 Km
Difference in altitude: 390 m