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Photo ©Mario Llorca - Ciclica

Cycling through the Manciano and Capalbio hills

The Silver Coast as you've never seen it before

Step 1
From Capalbio through the olive groves and vineyards

Leave the town of Capalbio, heading downhill towards Pescia Fiorentina, Manciano and Marsiliana. In front of the post office take the S.P. 75 "Pescia Fiorentina" road, which leaves the residential area along the cemetery. The road here is very beautiful, bordered by stone walls and surrounded by green olive groves and oak trees. After 3 km leave the S.P. 75 and turn left onto the S.P. 101 "Sgrilla" road towards Vallerana and Manciano. The downhill stretch finishes after around 1km and continues through farmland, olive groves and vineyards.

Step 2
From Vallerana to Sgrillozzo

After 9km you will arrive at the village of Vallerana (12), and a couple of kilometres later, at the junction, continue straight on the S.P. 102 "Sgrillozzo" road until a T-junction at Sgrillozzo (16.2). Here, turn left on the S.R. 74 towards the Aurelia. Now you’re cycling on the road between Manciano and the coast, which require extra attention.

Step 3
Into the Mediterranean shrubland of Marsiliana

You will easily reach Marsiliana (23), where you should leave the S.R. 74 and take the S.P. 63 "Capalbio" road. The first 3km are hilly, then the road opens up into a plain among vineyards, farmland and shrub. After another hilly stretch and after 12km (35) the road starts to head uphill towards Capalbio. Continue uphill for around 2km until a T-junction, where you should turn right towards the town centre (38), which you will reach after a rather steep 1km.

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