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Val di Cecina

Cecina and the Etruscan Coast

A land of cypress trees and stone towns

Depart from Cecina along the Old Aurelia in a southbound direction. The mainly flat road passes through La California (5km). At the large roundabout (there may be a possible detour to Marina di Bibbona), go straight on and cross over the Aurelia (SS1) bypass to the little church of San Guido (on the right; 10.2km). Here, turn left onto the famous cypress avenue that leads up to Bolgheri (4.7km). At Bolgheri (15km), follow the road counterclockwise around the little village. Get back onto the cypress avenue and go downhill for 500m toward the right turn for Bibbona. From here, a lovely road of hills with olive groves and vineyards leads to Bibbona (21km).

Before entering the town, turn right near the sports field and take the road downhill until you reach a large intersection. Follow the signs for Casale Marittimo, and get onto the “Camminata” (SP19) on the right. After one kilometre uphill, the road looks out over hills covered with the Macchia della Magona (Magona Scrub) and the hill town of Casale Marittimo.

Carry on for another 2km to a large intersection, turn left and go uphill for 1km to Casale (25km). Continue uphill towards Guardistallo (28km) on the “Three Communes” (SP28), then downhill to nearby Montescudaio, and continue down to the Cecina valley. At the bottom of the descent, there is a roundabout where you go left and continue towards Cecina (41km). The centre of town is easily reached by following the signs from the roundabout near the hospital.

Point of departure/arrival: Cecina
Distance: 41km
Elevation gain: 450m
Road surface: asphalt
Level of Difficulty: moderate

Note: the most challenging part of the itinerary is the climb uphill to Casale Marittimo, and particularly Guardistallo. You will cover some of the loveliest roads on the Costa degli Etruschi in just a few kilometers. A visit to Bolgheri is also recommended.

Source: Costa degli Etruschi