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Francigena Horse Riding

Around Siena on horseback

Explore nature at a slow pace

Discovering the lands around Siena on horseback means pleasuring your senses at the sight of landscape that appears to be in constant movement, in perfect harmony with pristine surroundings: travelling, moving and itineraries off the beaten track, away from cars and houses.

From a simple excursion to a proper journey, this corner of authentic Tuscany offers horses and riders the opportunity to get away from consumer tourism. You can explore seemingly remote places but Siena and Piazza del Campo with its Torre di Mangia are never far away.

While it’s true that the area around Siena express the "art of the landscape" like nowhere else on Earth, it is equally true that horse riding is perfectly placed in this harmonious Tuscany. This itinerary offers two circular rides, one 60 km (A-C) and another (B) covering a total of 175. All circular routes begin along the historic Via Francigena.
Francigena and Spiritual Routes