fb track

Amidst vineyards and slopes of Amiata

A trail for those who love an uphill journey

While on this trail, you’ll enjoy the lovely vineyards of Monte Cucco and views of the eastern face of Monte Amiata. Considering the trail’s brevity, it can be enjoyed by cyclists who have not been specifically trained. Nonetheless, we suggest being equipped with triple gears, to better deal with the trail’s steepest segments. The uphill roads leading toward Monte Cucco (at the beginning and the end of this itinerary) are quite challenging.

Departure/arrival point
: Cinigiano
Difficulty: Medium
Road type: Asphalt
Length: 26 km
Incline: 250 m

Leave from the roundabout just outside of Cinigiano’s historical center and take Via Grossetto, leaving the military police barracks behind you. After about 1 km, you’ll find a junction where you can turn left onto the S.P. 17 going toward Grosseto. This part of the journey is downhill, and you’ll enjoy fantastic views of the Grossetto side of Monte Amiata. After 4.5 km, leave the S.P. 17 and go right onto the S.P. 113. This narrow asphalted road allows for a steep descent toward the valley. After 1.9 km, turn left at the intersection. After a short stretch, expect a steep uphill ride (10% slope) with narrow curves.

After 1 km, the slope becomes more gentle, before becoming steep again as you approach the end of the S.P. 113. Next, turn left toward the tiny agricultural hamlet of Monte Cucco, which is about 500 m from here. The itinerary continues toward the right, along a lovely road amidst hills and vineyards. This curvy path offers pleasant views and will take you toward Poggi del Sasso (14).

A downhill stretch will bring you to a junction along the S.P. 7; turn left to reach the center of Sasso Ombrone. If you chose to go right instead, you’ll reach the Cinigiano curve. After going downhill for about 2.5 km, you’ll reach a bridge. Here, you’ll find a challenging trail that will take you to the town itself. Keep left to reach the center’s tourist agency. From here, you’ll be able to quickly reach the roundabout where your journey began.