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Abetone and the Ximeniana 3: Abetone bicycle route

Sport and tourism combine on this exciting bike trip

The circuit is not that difficult and is suitable for all. From the main square of the town, take the road to the right of the "pyramids" which climbs lightly towards the "Uccelliera". After 50 metres, veer right into the forest "Boscolungo". Past the barrier, the route continues on a dirt track and reaches a stone fountain after about 2km. Here, go around Mount Maiori to the left along path no. 5.

The track rises and falls, leading to the Verginina of Serrabassa (1487 m), which is the highest point of this route.

To return to Abetone, follow track CAI no. 80 (G.E.A. - M.P.T.). This slopes down, at times quite steeply, to a wood of beech and fir trees. After about 7900 metres there is a forking: the path to the right joins up with the stone fountain, whilst the path to the left slopes down to Boscolungo - Le Regine. Go down the mule track on the left but be mind the drain holes which line the road. After a short while there is a fountain near the forking towards La Secchia and the paved mule track. Continue along to the right and then take a right at the next forking, climbing towards the graveyard of Abetone. Follow the signs for path CAI no.80 and at the next forking turn left. Turn right onto road SS no.12 and go up this road for just under 1 km until you reach the main square in the town of Abetone (1385 m).

Bicycle circuit of Abetone
This circuit is easy on mountain bikes, not very long and offers a variety of landscapes, such as on the circuit of Mount Maiori. There are stretches that are more demanding: towards Mount Libro Aperto, towards La Secchia and Bicchiere, down to Rivoreta and up from Pianosinatico to Abetone. From Boscolungo take path CAI no. 102 which joins up with Sestaione Valley. It is highly advisable to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle.