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Alpi Apuane e vie di cava

A tour of the Apuan Alps Park

An itinerary that crosses the most beautiful valleys in the territory

This itinerary takes you to the heart of the Apuane Alps Park, highlighting its peculiarites. Along the approach road for Vagli Sotto you will find the artificial lake of Vagli which conceals the town of Fabbriche in the depths of its water: every 10 years when the lake is emptied the ancient village comes back to life. Don't miss the parish of San Regolo, the Museum of Casa Abramiand the romanesque Church of Sant'Agostino (12th C.)

After you've headed up to Vagli di Sopra, you'll arrive in no time at Campocatino: the old alpine pasture which has been classified as a LIPU oasis. An easy trail introduces you to the natural characteristics of the “shell” with ice-age origins. In about 30 minutes on foot you'll arrive at the Hermitage of San Viano.From Campocatino head down to Gorfigliano and Gramolazzo where Monte Pisanino, the highest of the Apuana chain, is mirrored in the green water of the artificial lake.
From here head up towards Minucciano where you will find, before the tunnel, a street which heads into the Seranaia Valley and the Orto di Donna, surrounded by the summits of Pisanino, Cavallo, Contrario, Grondilice and Pizzo d'Uccello, this is the most alpine valley of all of the Garfagnana.The Orto di Donna quarry holds some of the precious marbles which have made the Apuane Alps famous throughout the world.