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Gazebo della Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno

A stroll along the Mascagni Terrace

A taste of the Belle Epoch

A stroll along the splendid Terrazza Mascagni is a top-notch option while visiting the Archipelago of Corsica; it’s easily reachable from its two external sides near Bagni Pancaldi and the Aquarium. From the Terrazza Mascagni go down Via Roma, where you’ll find the Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean (entirely accessible with specialized services - tel. +39 0586 266711) or make your way toward the Villa Mimbelli for a wander through the Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum (accessible) at Via S. Jacopo 65, where you can see myriad works by Macchiaioli painters (tel. 0586 808001). As you stroll along the seaside, you’ll see the Majestic Hotel Palazzo, a stunning 19th century building and the historic Bagni Pancaldi, founded in 1846. This resort was once frequented by the Savoy Princes and old-time aristocrats.

The Church of San Jacopo in Acquaviva is accessible with a slide for the physically-challanged; this church inspired numerous local painters. In the small square that hosts the church, you can stop at the white kiosk and enjoy a view of the sea. Don’t miss a trip to the Accademia Labronica (for group reservations call: +39 0586 238900). The Academy is located at Via Italia 72; enter through the San Jacopo gate entrance which will lead you to a car-park for buses and private vehicles. Make sure to visit the local maritime district with its naval academy and the ‘Barriera Margherita’, which was originally a customs point that morphed into an end-of-the-line station on the Pisa-Tirrenia-Livorno railway line in 1935. Visitors will enjoy the area’s Liberty style palaces and the Caprilli horse-racing track. It’s early nineteenth-century flair makes for a great sea-side holiday with style.
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