Castiglione della Pescaia

A ride through the heart of the Maremma

Travel through Grosseto and Castiglione della Pescaia

This itinerary corresponds to GR5 (provincial routes) and requires a certain basic training and the ability to remain about 6 hours in the bicycle saddle. The calculated mileage begins at the bridge over the Ombrone (Mussolini Bridge), which is approximately 2.5 km from the city centre. You will not have to tackle any particularly difficult stretches of road but, overall, this is definitely an undulating route. It is recommended that you pedal with care and prudence on the roads that surround the urban areas of Grosseto, both in entering and exiting the city, until you reach the Ombrone bridge.

Departure and arrival point: Grosseto
Difficulty: Medium
Type of road: Mixed
Length: 96.000 km
Altitude: 750 m

Depart from Grosseto, exiting the city by travelling south along the old Aurelia, now the S.P. 154. Cross the bridge over the Ombrone, called the “Mussolini Bridge,” continuing in the direction of Istia, on the S.P. 30 of the “Sante Marie.” From here, we will reset the mileage to zero. After 2 km, turn right onto the S.P. 79 of “Poggio la Mozza.” The DOC zone of Morellino di Scansano welcomes you with its first series of inclines and declines.

Continue until you reach the S.P. 9 “Aione” in the small town of Poderone (18), turn left, pedalling uphill for approximately 800 meters, then turn right onto the Comunale di Poggio Bestiale road. Continue uphill until you reach a level road with a panoramic view of the Maremma and Argentario. At the end of a fast descent through the vineyards, you will exit onto the S.P. 160, arriving at Magliano in Toscana.

You will enter the town through the ancient Senese gate and, after a stopover in the village, continue by exiting from the Porta Sud (South Gate). Arriving at the sporting field, take the S.P. 94, "Sant'Andrea" (km 29 and fountain), which passes by the ruins of the Abbey of San Bruzio; continue without difficulty to Marsiliana on the S.R. 74 in the direction of Manciano. Right before the bridge over the Albegna River, turn left onto the S.P. 146 in the direction of Aquilaia and Pomonte. Pedal up a gentle incline for approximately 6 km, when the road begins to follow the undulating profile typical of the Maremma countryside. Soon after (48), the road begins to more decisively acquire altitude and passes through the archaeological area of Ghiaccio Forte, a significant Etruscan settlement. The S.P. 146 ends in correspondence with its intersection with the S.P. 159 (51), where you will turn left in the direction of Scansano.

The panoramic road gradually and constantly rises to a crossroads, where you will turn left towards Scansano, which you will reach after 1 km. From the centre of town, proceed uphill (in the direction of Grosseto), then pass the top of the hill after 1.5 km, in the vicinity of the antennas and sporting field, continuing towards Grosseto. Soon after (66), you will leave the flowing but trafficked S.P. 159 by turning left in the direction of Montiano, Talamone on the S.P. 9 "Aione." Continue downhill, enjoying the panorama of the coast and the hills of the Uccellina (Regional Park of the Maremma) until you come to the intersection of S.P. 79 (75.2). Continue on the S.P. 9 until its intersection with the S.P 16, in the vicinity of Montiano (80.2).

After a brief stopover in the town, reachable by a detour to the left of approximately 1 km, continue without difficulty in the direction of Grosseto. After an initial stretch of a gentle uphill incline, the road sinuously descends among the olive groves and vineyards towards the flood plain of the Ombrone and the Grosseto region. Routes exactly 9.3 km from the crossroads of Montiano, 1 km before arriving at the S.S. 1 "Variante Aurelia," turn right on the Communal Road of Grancia: you will then tackle the first 200 m incline until the first crossroads, where you will continue left, following the Grancia road (ignoring all of the detours) for 3 km until the Variante Aurelia underpass, beyond which you will find a large intersection (here the 96 km ring closes), where you will continue straight towards south Grosseto, taking the S.P. 54 "Spadino," which crosses over the Ombrone, entering into the urban area of Grosseto. At this point, prudence is recommended: traffic can be consistent and the roadway is narrow (especially at the bridge). After approximately 2.5 km, you will enter the city, arriving at the nearby historic centre.