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A perfect itinerary on horseback

A trail between coal mines, cork oaks and nature

Point of departure: Cancellini Estates
Point of arrival: San Lorenzo (Montioni)
Travelling time: 6 hours
Distance: 30 km approx.
Type of road: cart track
Note: the departure point is a strategic tract of the Horseback Trail for possible detours. In particular, there is the possibility of going towards Sassetta along the Val Canina road, or along the Via di Porcarecce towards San Carlo (San Vincenzo hinterland)

From the Cancellini Estates, you travel along a white road through wide clearings and wooded areas full of holm oaks and chestnut trees as far as the asphalted Suvereto - Sassetta road. After crossing it, you reach the crossroads where the dirt road begins (on the left) for the Podere La Cerreta, a well-equipped stop-over point of reference along the Horseback Trail (a holiday farmhouse for riders and horses).

At this point, the Horseback Trail passes near the open-air Museum which illustrates the lives and customs of the charcoal burners who lived in this area for many centuries. Going along a white road, after a short while a wide view opens out over the Val di Cornia and the Metal-bearing Hills; Montieri, Le Cornate, Massa Marittima and the coast of Punta Ala can be clearly seen.

Going downhill through woods, cultivated areas and pastures, the trail loses height as it reaches Valdicciola, near the old Battistina farm, where there is an old mill. Having reached the valley floor, the trail meets the Cornia River, and crosses the asphalt Suvereto - Massa Marittima road to enter the Monte Peloso area, crossing through the La Gregana farm property. A feature of this area, apart from the Mediterranean scrub, is the prevalence of cork oaks, olive groves and important vineyards, such as the vines of the prizewinning Redigaffi wine (DOC Val di Cornia), and also the marble quarries which are still partially active.

Going round Monte Peloso, passing the ENEL research and design centre, the trail joins the asphalt Suvereto - Forni road - a secondary road with little traffic - for about 1.5 km. Forni is an ancient settlement for the production of bricks, with archeo-industrial buildings. Here you ford the Cornia River (after finding out whether the ford is practicable; otherwise take the Via di San Lorenzo road) to reach San Lorenzo, a small district of the Suvereto Municipality, and a place where you can stop for refreshments. At San Lorenzo the trail crosses the asphalt road for Suvereto and enters the Montioni Park, arriving at the Guest House of Poggio Saracino, where meals and accommodation are available for riders and horses. Montioni is an important junction for carrying on to Vignale on the Livorno coast or connecting with the Grosseto area horseback trails.

Point of departure and return: La Cerreta Farm
Travelling time: 2-3 hours
Distance: 13 km
Type of road: cart track and partly path
Note:the departure point can be reached with a detour from the Horseback Trail, or by car following the road down from Sassetta to Pian delle Vigne in the Frassine - Monterotondo Marittimo direction. The route follows the Sassetta Trekking route No.1

From the car park at “La Cerreta” farm, go down to the dirt road which climbs to the left to the Casetta Fiorentina hilltop: the climb ends after about 900 metres. Continue on the left for about 1 km downhill as far as the crossroads at Podere I Colli, where you turn right, go downhill for 400 metres and then go back up the hill where routes 1, 2 and 3 cross.

Take No. 1, turning left towards Podere La Pieve (excellent scenic view point), and going downhill for 3.5 km to the River Lodano plain near a small lake. Carry on to the left, around the lake and then a stream. The road becomes a path and the signposting is not easy to see: make sure you do not take paths or cart tracks that go uphill to the left and keep to the valley.

After the first clearing, you ride through a thick wood and at the next clearing keep to the river side until you reach a path. After a short while, you arrive at a fork: follow the arrows for track No. 1 on the left. Go uphill for a good kilometer and then go down towards the I Colli farm and the next crossroad, where you turn right and take the tree-lined dirt road that leads down to the Pian delle Vigne. After reaching the old bridge, turn left and continue on the flat to the next crossroad, where you head towards the Cerreta farm, which is now in sight. 
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