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The Metallifere Hills
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A medieval journey: biking through the Metalliferous hills

A challenging route leaving from Sticciano Scalo

Towards Roccastrada and Montieri
Montieri - Credit: Toscana Ovunque Bella web site

Leave Sticciano Scalo, taking the S.P. 157 towards Roccastrada, a road lined by a double row of pine trees. After around 5km the road starts to head uphill. After 8.5km the S.P. 157 turns left towards Roccastrada.

Continue uphill for around 5km, with beautiful views towards the coast, until the roundabout in the town of Roccastrada (13.9). From here, the S.P 157 winds uphill for a couple of kilometres. Around 3km after Roccastrada, leave the S.P. 157 and turn left onto the S.P. 8 "Meleta" road towards Sassofortino and Roccatederighi. Head uphill to Sassofortino (560 metres above sea level) and continue along the panoramic road, which goes downhill to Roccatederighi (26). At the next big junction (28.3) turn right onto the S.P. 19 towards Prata, Montieri and Siena.

On the right, just after the junction, is the source of the river Farma. The road continues through greenery for around 8km until Gabellino (36.3) where, at a T-junction, you should turn right onto the S.P. 162 towards Montieri. From here, if you like, you can take a detour to Boccheggiano (2 km and 190 m difference in altitude) or continue for 3.7km until a junction on the left for Montieri (40). 

The Merse river and the woods of Gerfalco
Merse Valley
Merse Valley

After the bridge over the river Merse, continue on the S.P. 5 and start to head uphill towards Montieri: 5.7 km and 273 m difference in altitude. In the town (45.7) take the hill on the right to the Palazzo Comunale and join the road behind the town until the junction (46.5) with the S.P. 11 "Pavone" road, where you should turn left towards Gerfalco. There is a beautiful panorama on the right with woods surrounding Gerfalco and the Cornate Nature Reserve. After 3.5km a detour to Gerfalco is advised (4km there and back).  

Explore small towns in the Maremma
View of Metallifere Hills
View of Metallifere Hills - Credit: Photo Graphic Studio

Continue on the S.P. 11, heading downhill for more than 6km until the junction with the S.R. 439. Here, turn left towards Massa Marittima. After another 3km downhill and 3km along the Pian dei Mucini, you will reach a junction (62.6), where there is a bar/restaurant. From Pian dei Mucini continue towards Prata on the S.P. 162. The road goes uphill for around 6km until a viaduct near Prato which is visible on the left. After around 2km (71.8) turn right on the S.P. 54 "Cerro Balestro" road towards Tatti, first uphill for around 4km and then downhill for around 8km until the town.

From the centre of Tatti (80.4) continue downhill, following signs for Ribolla and Grosseto on the S.P. 53 until a T-junction (87.5). Turn left towards Ribolla on the S.P. 31, and after 1.5km you will find yourself in Ribolla. At the junction (89.4) turn right on the S.P. 20 towards Castiglione della Pescaia. After 2.8km you will come to a strong curve to the right: here you should leave the S.P. 31 and turn left towards Sticciano on the S.P. 91 "Pian del Bichi" road.

From Montemassi to Sticciano Scalo
Montemassi - Credit: Piccinaccia on instagram

Continue through fields and vineyards for around 5km. After a short uphill stretch, turn right on the "Via Pian del Bichi" road before the big farm, leaving the S.P. 91 road (97.3). The road skirts the farm and then makes a sharp turn to the right amongst vineyards. After around 1.5km, at the fork, keep left. Continue for over 3km until a junction with the S.P. 19, which you should cross to take the S.P. 138 "Monte Lattaia" road (100,7). Continue for around 2.5km until a T-junction (103.1), where you should turn right and then keep straight for a couple of kilometres until a low concrete bridge (which can be transformed into a ford in heavy rains). Immediately afterwards, you will pass a level crossing and will reach an obvious T-junction with the S.P. 157. Turn right towards the nearby Sticciano Scalo (106,3).

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