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Percorsi in bicicletta

A cyclist’s journey toward the Albenga River’s source

A challenging trail along the Amiata

This trail has two challenging uphill segments. You’ll find the first in Serra, not long after departure. The second more difficult section lies toward the end of the itinerary, while crossing the Pescinello Nature Reserve. Nonetheless, neither section offers prohibitive slopes.

Departure/arrival point
: Arcidosso
Difficulty: Medium to difficult
Road type: Combined trails
Length: 37.8 km
Incline: 1050 m

The trail begins at the Arcidosso roundabout and continues towards Grosseto. After 250 m, keep left and get on the SP 7 toward Cinigiano - Grosseto proceeding along a slope that’s quite easy to cycle. After about 2 km, you’ll reach Serra. Turn left here and follow signage leading to Macchie, Zancona and the area’s Regional Fauna Park. Continue along the paved road for about 3.5 km until you reach Macchie’s bar-restaurant ‘La Fonte’. From here, the road will continue uphill and after 700 meters the dirt road begins. It will slope uphill gradually and then, after 4 kilometers, you will reach a junction where you turn right. After 400 meters, turn left.

At this point in the trail, expect a hilly but pleasant section that offers views of the small valley on the left, where you’ll see the source of the Albegna River. After about 3 kilometers, this scenic road begins to descend sharply to Roccalbegna. During the entire journey, cyclists will enjoy spectacular views of the Maremma, the Argentario and the coast. Once you reach an intersection with a fountain, the road forks. Turn left and begin an uphill segment lasting 1.2 km. Next, you’ll find a red and white aluminum trail marker, typical of those used in the province of Grosseto. At this point, you leave the road, staying to the right. Please note that this segment of the trail will prove difficult to cycle due to the presence of large stones: only well-trained cyclists should attempt it.

This technically challenging section ends after 600 meters, after which you’ll continue along the dirt road until reaching Roccalbegna (20) (before coming upon the SP 160). Turn left and take some time to appreciate the village before crossing the Albegna River bridge. Next, you’ll start to climb for about 3 kilometers until reaching a sign for the Nature Reserve of Pescinello (23). Here, you’ll turn left onto the dirt road that climbs steadily for 5.7 km. After this uphill journey, expect a 3-km downhill segment. Go past the fork in the road, keeping left until you reach an intersection. Leave the dirt road and continue along the SP 160, turning left towards Arcidosso. After 1.5 kilometers, you’ll cycle downhill and then uphill again into the Aiole district (34.6) before making a final descent into Arcidosso (37.8).