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Grand tour of geothermal energy and parks in Val di Cecina.

A ride through the heart of the geothermal territory

We set off from Pomarance in the direction of Larderello, and after about 6 kilometers we meet a descending path: from here, in a short time, we arrive at the ancient Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche, a thermal site that was already popular in Roman times, now abandoned. Continuing along the path and following a stretch of cartroad - which then runs alongside a steamboat - we come to a rest area, from which we can walk, in a few minutes, to the lookout point of Poggio della Marruca.

Before climbing above Montecerboli, with a short detour, it is possible to visit the small medieval village. Continuing the route, however, we enter a beautiful forest of pines and Mediterranean scrub: wide-open views accompany us, on the one side, with a view towards Larderello to the reliefs of Siena, on the other side towards the Valle del Secolo (Valley of the Century), to the forest of the Monterufoli - Caselli Nature Reserve.

Pedaling downhill, we then reach the new Montecerboli power plant, with simultaneous views of the historic Larderello power plant, the first of Tuscany's geothermal era. After fording the Secolo stream, we continue through woods and pastures until we cross the provincial road to Serrazzano, an ancient fortified village perhaps of Roman origin, on the edge of the Val di Cecina. After passing Serrazzano, after a short time, we leave the provincial road taking the dirt road that plunges into the nature reserve of the Monterufoli Forest. Here we are in a wild environment, where evidence of human intervention can be glimpsed, first in the agro-pastoral fabric, then in the traces of past mining activities.

Continuing the ride into the heart of the forest, we ride up the Adio valley, with spectacular views toward the valley floor and the gorge between the fortified villages of Micciano and Libbiano. The cliff of Micciano looms majestically over the ridge: with a short ramp you can climb to the apex of the village, here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole territory, from the Apennines to the sea.

The last stretch of the itinerary, from Micciano to Pomarance, still holds great excitement for us, for the wide views of the varied countryside and the Adio and Trossa valley floors. In Pomarance, finally, we can devote a visit to the medieval historic center and the "street of the lords" with the interesting Casa museo di Palazzo Bicocchi and the permanent Exhibition Warriors and Artisans.


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