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World's Largest Puzzle: Ravensberger Keith Haring puzzle in Pisa

As of Summer 2010, the world's largest puzzle is produced by Ravensberger. Although it's manufactured in Germany, right now a group of people in Pisa have gotten together to complete it! As the puzzle represents works by Keith Haring, it's being assembled under the Keith Haring mural in Pisa. Here's more info and how to participate. puzzle-Haring World's largest puzzle The puzzle, that depicts a series of works by Haring, is made up of 32,256 pieces and measures 544 cm x 192cm. As it weighs 17 kilos it comes with its own rolly cart. Here's a video - the text is in German but never mind... - that shows how the puzzle is manufactured. Check out the huge boxes!! Keith Haring in Pisa There is a mural by Keith Haring in Pisa called Tuttomondo. It was Haring's last major work before he died; painted in 1989 with the help of local high school students (we published a testimonial by Alessio, one of the students who worked on it!). Not far from the city's train station, it's not typically visited by tourists - yet it should be! tuttomondo haring In the same piazza as the mural is "Keith art, shop, cafè", the owners of which have organized this event to assemble the large puzzle. From December 10 to 24, they've set up a tent in the piazza and their goal is to complete it in 2 weeks despite the cold winter weather. Come lend a hand - anyone can play! I wonder how long - and how many people - it will take! You can follow their progress on the facebook group. Keith-haring-puzzle-pisa3