Winter magic in Amiata

Ski slopes, excursions and festivals

The colours of autumn give way to the white of winter. The Amiata becomes an even more exclusive destination for those looking for genuine places. The magic of the woods and its winter noises, the still white cloak, this is the sense of winter in the Amiata which brings a Northern atmosphere to the heart of Tuscany.
Sports lovers will find something for everyone, from guided tours to North Walking to skiing on Mount Amiata at 1738 metres above sea level.
With more than 20 kilometres of ski slopes the Amiata offers the skiing tourist a multitude of possibilities, at a wide range of levels of ability.
There are two ski schools, and numerous welcome points offering warmth and sustenance. You can stay on the highest part of the mountain or descend to the villages and towns. Abbadia San Salvatore, Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Piancastagnaio, Santa Fiora and Seggiano are villages of the Amiata found on its slopes and can be reached via the narrow but functional and striking roads.
Winter on the Amiata is magical. This is when its towns and villages are at their most authentic, each with their own traditional festivals and celebrations, from Christmas bonfires to Carnival. All things that cannot be described in words, but must be experienced.
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