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Water, Stone, Fire: Bartolomeo Ammannati at the Bargello

[Photo Credits: MojoBaron http://ow.ly/hbO03]
[Photo Credits: MojoBaron http://ow.ly/hbO03]

L'Acqua, la Pietra, il Fuoco: here's the Italian for the Bartolomeo Ammannati's exhibition at the Bargello palace in Florence from May 11 to September 18, 2011.

Water, Stone, Fire is the first monographic exhibition dedicated to Bartolomeo Ammannati's sculptures, mainly owned by the Bargello, since this is the 5th centenary of his birth. The title of the show refers to the 3 fountains the author sculpted after Cosimo I requested them: the first one was thought for the Salone dei Cinquecento (in Palazzo Vecchio), the second one for the Piazza della Signoria (close to the David replica) and the third one was addressed to the Villa Medicea's garden in Castello. For the first time, the exhibit will let you discover the reproduction of the first fountain by Ammannati, the one which should have been installed in the Salone dei 500 and called "Fountain of the Big Hall". The fountain of the Big Hall was made up of 6 big statues of divinities, however it never reached the Palazzo Vecchio, because the single statues were first put into the Pratolino and Boboli gardens and then stored in the Bargello. The reason that brought the Fountain of the Big Hall in different places and that never had the monument installed in its original destination, Palazzo vecchio, is that the initial project was overwritten by the public (and for purposes of propaganda) fountain's project in Piazza della Signoria, next to the "Biancone" (Big white Man - David replica) statue. Some years later, the Duke gave the sculptor the commission to work on the huge fountain in his villa's garden, with Hercules and Anteo's bronze statues in the middle of the garden and several animals in the grotto. Ammannati's sculptures want to show the Duke's political aims, which were to give aesthetic value to the water, innovate the technique and give it to his citizens.


  • Fountain #1 - Fountain of the Big Hall, never installed in the Palazzo Vecchio, separate statues and reproduction of the entire work in the Bargello (Water, Stone, Fire exhibition)
  • Fountain #2 - Fountain in Piazza della Signoria, close to the David Replica
  • Fountain #3 - Fountain in the Villa Medicea's garden in Castello
You'll find other sculptures, designs, projects and documents by Ammannati at the exhibition, as well as a video document that will show you how the replica of the fountain was realized. Check it out!