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Walking in the Vallombrosa Forest

Three trails for discovering such natural beauty

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The forest of Vallombrosa is one of the most pleasant places where to wander even on the hottest summer days: the altitude and the thickness of its woods guarantee excellent walking possibilities. During wintertime, warm waterproofs clothes are essential and it is recommended to watch the weather forecasts.

1. Macinaia

This easygoing walk, along a forestry road, is waymarked as CAI 12. From Vallombrosa, take the downhill road towards Saltino, until the Chapel and Fountain of S. Caterina: from here a wide forestry road branches off. Follow this road keeping the left, first amidst conifers and then beech woodland, which is particularly suggestive after a snowfall.

The route passes by a house, named Macinaia (1313 m); from here the forestry road to the forest of S. Antonio branches off. Do not take the latter and continue uphill, till you meet the road along the ridge, quickly leading to the mountain hut “Giuntini”, on Monte Secchieta (1418 m). The summit of Monte Secchieta (1452 m) is military zone and can not be accessed.

2. The straight path to Monte Secchieta

The 500 meter elevation gain between the Abbey of Vallombrosa (958 m) and the summit of Monte Secchieta (1418 m) are covered by a steep path, suitable for fit walkers only. From the back of the Abbey, take path CAI 9. Initially, this path follows the old “Holy Steps”, the old pilgrimage itinerary to the Hermitage of the Paradisino of the Paradisino, after reaching two chapels (S. Giovanni Gualberto’s Rock and the Chapel of the columns).

After crossing a tarred road in the vicinity of a source, the path gets steeper and steeper through fir first and beech woodland later, eventually reaching the mountain hut Giuntini. To return, if you are not short of time, we recommend to take Itinerary 1 which allows to complete a loop through the forest.

3. A route in the northern section

This route shares the first section of Itinerary 2, until the hermitage of the Paradisino. From here, follow a forestry road running a few meters below the tarred road heading north. The route is not waymarked but well evident and for a short stretch runs along the tarred road itself.

Once at Poggio Stefanieri (1143 m), cross path CAI 8 without taking it and take instead an easy downhill forestry road slowly bending left through a century old Douglas fir wood and eventually leading to a house (“Casa del Metato”, 980 m). From here, always bearing left, take another forestry road that, in less than two kilometres, leads to the tarred road linking Vallombrosa to the pass of the Consuma. After 500 meters along the paved road towards Vallombrosa, to the right is the rock hiding the chapel of the Evil’s rock, with one of the most suggestive views in the area. From here it doesn’t take long to get back to the abbey.
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