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Villas and castles in Buonconvento

Ancient places that are rich in charm and history

Villa La Rondinella is situated on the Via Cassia in the direction of Rome on a little hill. Created by the architect Giorgio Chierici (1910), it is richly decorated with precious materials most sought-after and avant-garde in the field of environmental solutions. A rich floral iconography is represented both in the frescoes and in the windows and wrought ironwork, showing careful research into the use of different materials.

Castelnuovo Tancredi, listed as Castelnuovo Guiglieschi, belonged to several different families of the Sienese aristocracy, including the Tancredi family, and has always been part of an extensive landed property. The castle is composed of a 16th century villa and a large tower with battlements, a sloping base and arches on stone corbels. The façades, although plastered, still show signs of the original arched windows. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park full of oaks and ilexes while the drive-way is lined with cypresses.

Castelrosi is composed of several different interconnecting buildings, presumably built in three different periods. The oldest part is a sloping-based battlement tower in the west corner that probably dates back to the 13th century. There is a characteristic octagonal tower at the base of which is a pretty chapel. The castle was restore and modified with further storeys added in the late nineteenth century.

The name Bibbiano derives from the Latin ‘bibianum’, a duck-like acquatic bird that was once very common here. In 1922 it was declared a ‘National Monument’.

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