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Video review: From Jacopo to Donatello, Early Renaissance Art in Siena

detail-ladies-smYesterday I went to see the opening of the important exhibit of Early Renaissance art in Siena with the long Italian name "Da Jacopo della Quercia a Donatello: le arti a Siena nel primo rinascimento". It's an undeniably important exhibit from a point of view of scholarly contribution and restoration; it's a bit more difficult, perhaps, to apprehend for the general public. I intend to write a full review when I've finished reading the huge catalogue (it weighs 3.25 kilos so you can imagine...), but I thought that it'd be useful for you to see this short slide/show video that I've narrated with a mini-review. There's also a video of an interview that I got with Annamaria Guiducci, the director of the Pinacoteca in Siena, available on youtube! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoo3ZygT0nU[/youtube]