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Vegetarian Restaurants in Tuscany

Inspired by PETA

deadmeat This morning while reading the news I was shocked by the new PETA campaign that wants to raise  awareness about the cruelty surrounding the meat and dairy industry, and turn a few people 'veg, so, I thought I'd never actually shared anything for those that already are vegetarian.  Although, some months ago I tried working on a gluten free guide to Tuscany, I never posted on where a vegetarian can eat in Tuscany and not risk finding some minced pancetta or a fried mix where chicken and rabbit bits resemble vegetables. These are restaurants taken from the official tourism site, however, I would appreciate any other comment on restaurants you know of that serve vegetarian and/or vegan food in Tuscany!

Dada Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 4 Pistoia Tel: 057321095 (not only vegetarian) Il Vegetariano Via delle Ruote, 30/r Firenze Tel: 055475030 La Fonte Via Lucignano, 15/17 Montespertoli Tel: 0571609514 La Sana Gola Via Salceto, 45/47 Poggibonsi Tel: 0577992197 Le Vele della Repubblica Via Matteucci corner with Via Romboli Pisa Tel: 0503870100 Nello Via del Porrione, 28 Siena Tel: 0577289043 (not only vegetarian) Sedano Allegro Borgo La Croce, 20/r Firenze Tel: 0552345505 Trattoria Pinzimonio Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 52 Grosseto Tel: 056420625 Pic Credits go to Arturo de Albornoz | Flesh Source: Official Tourism Site of Tuscany