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I "Bottini"  di Siena

Tuscany's Underground Aqueducts

Discover Underground Passageways in Siena, Chiusi and Massa Marittima

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At the Palio on 2nd July or 16th August in Siena, in the middle of colourful, festive crowd of horses and jockeys, memmbers of the contrade and tourists, who would believe that the water that springs form the pleaded Fonte Gaia in Piazza del Campo flows underground in silent passageways? The galleries were dug between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to quench the city's thirst, an extremely demanding enterprise that recruited specialized workers from the mines of Massa Marittima, Gerfalco, Montieri and Boccheggiano.

There are also underground aqueducts in other places in Tuscany; the medieval Fonti dell'Abbondanza gallery in Massa Marittima and the 'Labrinto di Prosenna' (Labyrinth of Prosena) in Chiusi.

In Chuisi it is possible to visit Etruscan underground passageways which nowadays house a rich collection of funeral urns and tomb covers from ancient Etruria.