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Tuscany: eat with passion

Tuscany is a destination not to be missed because it hosts the most famous museums of the world, is home to the Renaissance and mother of modern culture. But as you know, Tuscany is also a great place for those who enjoy the pleasures of cuisine. In February I visited Tuscany for a girls-only weekend. My base was an agritourism in Montaione, between San Gimignano and Volterra, in the heart of Tuscany. On Friday and Saturday my friends and I visited the small but charming Montaione, Volterra (in which I tried to recognize some of the Twilight Saga scenes, but I couldn't - just because as I was then told it was filmed in Montepulciano!!!) and San Gimignano known as the medieval Manhattan, due to its towers. Then we spent the Sunday in Siena, so perfect in its simplicity. In this post I'd like to share some suggestions that might help you to find tasty, healthy and natural food in Tuscany.

Pici, my lovepici

Pici are a thick, hand rolled pasta similar to strozzapreti (that you can find in Tuscany's bordering region Emilia Romagna). They have an ancient recipe that belongs to the territory of Siena, made with poor and simple ingredients. I tasted Pici with cheese and pepper, the so called "Pici cacio e pepe": the melted cheese makes a tasty cream and, together with the pepper, gives a wonderful -but simple- taste to the pasta. One of Siena's restaurateurs revealed me the Pici's recipe: he said you just need flour and water, then you have to shape them like fat, long spaghetti. It seems very easy to try at home, but since he didn't give me the quantities, I'll take a look to Tuscanycious' Pici's recipe to do them by myself.

Fiorentina steakBistecca fiorentina, not for veggies

The Tuscan T-bone steak needs an entire chapter. Vegetarians can't understand me, but if you don’t taste a 1 ¾ inches high, thick bistecca fiorentina (that has to be eaten very rare or bloody or with salt and extra virgin olive oil) you'll miss an important part of the Tuscan cooking culture. The steaks, cut from farther forward in the short loin, contains a smaller section of the tenderloin and weight at least 2 ½ to 3 pounds, give the bistecca fiorentina a flavorful taste.

Siena's Ciaccini

Ciaccini is a pasta served with salt as a starter or antipasto. Ciaccini are crust topped and are prepared with a few ingredients. The recipe is very easy and they are extremely good with cheese or cold cuts.Crostini I spent almost three unforgettable days throughout Tuscany's hills and there are a lot of other dishes I tasted that I’d like to talk about, such as chicken with mushroom sauce or chicken liver crostini, lamb cutlets and steak slices with arugula and grana shavings in Italian tagliata. Tuscany's cuisine is so good and varies that an entire life wouldn't be enough to taste the many preparations you can find there. I have a dream: to come back to Tuscany soon and eat some more heavenly delicacies!
Federica Piersimoni wrote this guest post about her experience in Tuscany. She is a travel blogger and a social media expert in Italy and I can't wait to meet her when she will come back to Tuscany! Grazie, Federica!