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Tuscany comes home: how to set a perfect dinner table

This season you can either close your home and come to Tuscany… or you can open the door and let Tuscany come in!** Let the charm, vibe, colors and scents of Tuscany shake up your home! Table-setting Let us show you how to bring Tuscany to the table, in 5 easy steps!
  1. First of all, bear in mind that here in Tuscany we love seasonal food. It’s in our cultural baggage and, to be honest, it’s also a pretty easy “rule” to follow, thanks to an excellent agricultural tradition and favorable climate. So, the first tip is: keep in mind in which season you’re in, and start from there. Like we’ll do in the following steps. table-setting-tuscany
  2. IT’S AUTUMN! Lucky for us, this is such a great season when it comes to colors and scents (and food!). So the next thing you need to do is to let your imagination run, be inspired by nature. Get hold of as many typical Tuscan seasonal fruits and vegetables as you can find - grapes, chestnuts, apples, pears, figs, pomegranates – and different types of leaves (in colors and shapes) – do not miss the grape and olive leaves, if you can find them. If you wish, you can also get some flowers, seasonal or seasonal-like types! Rose berries are a good option. blackberries
  3. How to maintain the beauty of what you’ve purchased and keep everything in the best conditions possible, until it’s time to use them? Lay out the leaves in a container, so that they lie flat, spray the leaves with little drops of water and then put the container in the fridge; repeat this at least once a day (do not overdo with the amount of water). Fruits can be left out of the fridge, in a cool and dry space. Flowers should be kept in water. tuscan-setting-food
  4. Now is time to set the table! Choose a simple cloth, in a not too bright fabric and single colored (ivory, tobacco brown, beige, or warm colors). Begin to place the decorations, first the leaves (to create a kind of "base") and then the rest. The berries can be used with the flowers or directly on the table, as splashes of color. Complete with candles in small glass jars, the everyday ones, those you keep in the pantry for the jams! fruits-leaves-table-setting
  5. Remember that the secret of the Tuscan countryside, of its harmony and beauty, is a perfect balance between open, almost "bare", spaces, alternating with vineyards, woods, fields of sunflowers. Therefore, "less is more" is a good advice! As for the rest .... let you imagination run wild and have fun! santa-croce-setting
5 + 1 tip: Now that you have such a beautiful table, it’s time to hit the kitchen, choosing one of the Autumn recipes suggested by Tuscanycious. ** Maybe not this season, but you should definitely come to Tuscany soon (and be inspired more and more!). Post by Leila Firusbakht - Tuscany Social Media Team Photo by Leila Firusbakht and Flavia Cori -  Tuscany Social Media Team