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Tuscany: art and wellness

Combine urban discovery and a relaxing spa experience

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The land of sun, good food, wellness and art, Tuscany has it all. Who says you have to settle when on holiday? Here you have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience, combining more than one way of travelling and discovering all that the area has to offer.

Known for the most beautiful art cities in the world, a tour exploring Tuscany's jewels is not to be missed. Painting, sculpture and literature: Florence is the first city that comes to mind.  Known as the 'cradle of the Renaissance,' it offers a journey through the world of Italian art. In the shadow of Brunelleschi's dome and Giotto's bell tower, you will feel part of a great and unique piece of history. Lose yourself among the lights and colours of the greatest masterpieces known to Man at the Uffizi GalleryGiotto, Botticelli, and da Vinci are just some of the artists you'll find in one of the most precious art galleries in the world, a keeper of priceless treasures.

Travel back in time with a visit to the region's medieval towns: the historic center of Siena, the city of the Palio; the unmistakable skyline of San Gimignano; and Lucca, with its imposing walls: these are some of the most charming and authentic medieval towns in Italy. The uniqueness of this region comes from having kept intact its unmistakeable characteristics, the results of a particular historical period. Walking in Piazza del Campo or in San Gimignano, the Manhattan-like town of Tuscany, you will take a leap into the past and feel like you are living a day in the Middle Ages.

Urban hiking, art galleries and national museums, for an incredible experience of personal and cultural enrichment that has no equal. And for those of you who want to unplug and dedicate some time to yourselves, Tuscan spas await you. The Terme di Montepulciano (in the heart of the Chianti countryside), the Casciana spas, and the spa of Bagni di Lucca are just some examples of the spa resorts near the most beautiful cities, but far away enough to forget the hectic pace of every day life. Pamper yourself with treatments designed just for you: innovative techniques and traditional experiences in wellness and relaxation.

This is only a fraction of what awaits. Prepare your bags and fly to Tuscany: the encounter with this  enchanting land will make you fall in love.


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