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Tuscany and cinema

From Hannibal to New Moon

Tuscany has famously been used as a backdrop for many movies, a region often considered the perfect film set by numerous film directors. From Virzi's Livorno to Benigni's Prato and Zeffirelli's San Gimignano, these films have generated a form of tourism that plays an important role in the local economy. Follow a few cinema tours to visit some of the most famous Tuscan film locations.


What's better than a thermal spa for relaxing and pondering your next film? That's exactly what Guido Anselmi-Marcello Mastroianni did when he ran out of inspiration. In Fellini's celebrated masterpiece, 'Otto e mezzo,' the famed actor made his way to Chianciano. The town of Montecatini also provided the set for 'Oci ciornie,' while the large thermal pool at Bagno a Vignoni was featured in Tarkovsky's 'Nostalghia.'

Vaunting over 100 years in cinema, the city of Florence has starred in numerous films: the lush interiors of its ancient palazzos, its monuments, squares and evocative, winding streets are all much-loved movie settings. Florence is a stunning historic city where past and present live side by side. Cinema lovers will recognize many spots around the city made famous by different directors. To learn more about films shot in Florence, check out Florence as movie set.

Florence was used as the set for the 2001 film 'Hannibal’ by Ridley Scott. The murderous star of the film, played by Anthony Hopkins, goes to the famous Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella to choose his perfumes and lives in Palazzo Capponi. Hannibal's Florence takes film enthusiasts to the very places visited by one of cinema's most famous killers.


One of Tuscany's most internationally-celebrated Italian directors is Roberto Benigni, who won three oscars for 'La vita è bella', a movie filmed in Arezzo. Many of his films are shot in Tuscany, including 'Johnny Stecchino' and the cult film, 'Berlinguer ti voglio bene.’ To find out more, click on Tuscany and Roberto Benigni

The towers of San Gimignano have inspired many directors from all over the world. Franco Zeffirelli shot masterpieces here such as  'Fratello sole, sorella luna' and 'Tea with Mussolini,' in which a group of British aristocrats passionate about art and culture heroically defend the city's historical treasures from the Germans. Learn more about other films shot in this magical town at San Gimignano and its films.


It’s impossible to tour Tuscany without considering the culinary treats and traditional local produce along the way. This region is famous all over the world for its olive oil and exceptional wines. Very often, the region's 'Wine & Food Routes' travel through areas that film lovers of all kinds will recognize. For a tour that combines delicious food, wine and cinema, head to Tuscany: famous films and traditional gastronomy for hungry cinema-goers.

Finally, younger film lovers may enjoy the 'Shadow of the Volturi' package, which tours the set of Stephanie Meyer's famous Twilight saga, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Why not visit Montepulciano, the set of New Moon, or take the New Moon in Montepulciano tour.

Tuscany as a Movie