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Tuscany and China just got closer

homesweethomeTwo major pieces of news this week bring Tuscany and China a whole lot closer: Tuscan contemporary art will represent all of Italy at Expo Shanghai 2010, while the Uffizi is sending a major traveling exhibition to five cities in China this year.

Tuscany to represent Italy at Expo Shanghai 2010

The exhibit "Italian Genius Now - Home Sweet Home", curated by Marco Bazzini, director of Centro Pecci in Prato, has been chosen to represent contemporary art in Italy at Expo Shanghai 2010, an event that is expected to attract 70 million visitors. This is a real coup for Tuscany and for the Centro Pecci which is currently undergoing an important expansion plan to accomodate its permanent collection. The theme of the entire pavillion is sustainability. This is explored by the artists whose work on the themes of space, architecture, and environment help imagine different experiences of development, new concepts in urbanism, and new approaches to human habitat (such as innovative lifestyles and working conditions) - all with the hopes of encouraging and promoting sustainable development amongst communities.
Superstudio: Happy Island
Superstudio: Happy Island
The 1972 video "Supersuperficie/Vita", made by Superstudio for an exhibit at the MoMA called "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape", functions as a sort of manifesto and starting point for the exhibit at Expo Shanghai: in it, radical artists go beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture. The choice of using artists, rather than architects or designers, to work out these issues of our relationship to space is a conscious one on the part of the curator who wishes to look back to Renaissance times, when artists did not work in just one sector but were regularly faced with this type of major consideration. Participating artists: Massimo Bartolini, Paolo Canevari, Alice Cattaneo, Loris Cecchini, Francesco De Grandi, Michael Fliri, Diego Perrone, Gianni Pettena. Expo dates: May 1 to Oct 31, 2010

Uffizi to loan 82 works for traveling exhibit in China

TIZIANO VECELLIO "Venere e Amore con un cane e una pernice", Galleria degli Uffizi (with permission)
The traveling exhibit “From the Collections of the Uffizi Gallery. The Genres of Painting: Landscape, Still Life & Portrait Paintings” comprises 82 paintings on loan from the Uffizi gallery and will be displayed in Shanghai and four other Chinese cities between March 2010 and August 2011. The works chosen, from the 15th to the 20th century, are thematically divided into landscape, still life, and portrait paintings; they trace a path through the development of Western European figural painting. Some of the more famous figural pieces include Botticelli's Adoration of the Magi and Titian's Venus with dog and pheasant of 1550 (see photo). The still life works may be less known to us but are equally interesting, in particular the detail of Filippo Napoletano's glorified portrait of a cedar fruit (cedro) is such that we can almost smell the tangy-sweet fruit.
FILIPPO NAPOLETANO, Natura morta con un cedro, 1620-1629 (with permission)
FILIPPO NAPOLETANO, Natura morta con un cedro, 1620-1629 (with permission)
  • SHANGHAI, Shanghai Museum, 10 marzo 2010 – 6 giugno 2010
  • SHENYANG, Liaoning Provincial Museum, 19 giugno 2010 – 19 settembre 2010
  • GUANGZHOU, Guangdong Museum of Art, 2 ottobre 2010 – 2 gennaio 2011
  • CHENGDU, Sichuan Museum, 15 gennaio 2011 – 17 aprile 2011
  • PECHINO, CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) Art Museum, 2 maggio 2011 – 2 agosto 2011
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