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Lago Scaffaiolo, sulla Montagna Pistoiese

Towards Lake Scaffaiolo

An itinerary along the historic border between Modena and Tuscany

Map for 44.100481,10.756407

Length: 8 km
How long the journey takes: 4 hours (roundtrip)
Place of Departure: The village of Doganaccia – Get there via car from Cutigliano (PT)

Depart from the small village of Doganaccia (1547 m), location of the historic customs check-point of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany situated at the border of the Duchy of Modena. Go up hill along the path marked n. 6 CAI/M.P.T. (Montagna Pistoiese Trekking). It will take about 50 minutes until you reach the Passo della Croce Arcana (1675 m) where you will find the monument commemorating those fallen in war, the Caduti della Grande Guerra. Or you can take an alternative route on the Carrareccia Road, which links the Pistoia to Modena.

Follow the signs 00 CAI – GEA, which will take you around Monte Spigolino (1827 m) to the Passo della Calanca (1737 m). There you will take the path marked 00 CAI – GEA until you reach Lago Scaffaiolo (1790 m). Be sure not to take the paths that go down hill on the left (toward Modena). Near Lago Scaffaiolo you will find the Rifugio CAI ‘Duca degli Abruzzi’. Returning from the Passo della Calanca on the same path marked 00 CAI – GEA, proceed down hill on the left until you reach a sign marked n.66 CAI, which will take you back to the Poggio della Doganaccia.