Torre del Lago dal Massaciuccoli

Torre del Lago Puccini

Almost Eden

Sunny beaches, cool pine forests and a calm lake. This is the beautiful portrait that represents Giacomo Puccini’s Torre del Lago. This corner of Versilia lies along the coast of Lake Massaciuccoli, the beaches of the Tyrrhenian and the ridges of the Alps. Puccini’s name has been added to the village’s original name ‘Torre del Lago’to honor the great composer who was so fond of the area’s landscape that he never wanted to leave it.

Torre del Lago refers to the ancient watch tower built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, located on the western shore of the basin. Torre del Lago was sparsely populated until the mid-eighteenth century, when the Government of the Lucchese Republic sponsored its reclamation and planted new crops in the area. The regeneration these marshlands facilitated the arrival of hunters, fishermen and farmers who were attracted by the fertility of the land and its wonderful variety of flora and fauna.

A long tree-lined street called ‘Viale dei Tigli’, reaches the heart of town, offering visitors the cool shade of the Borbone pine forest. From the central square in Belvedere, you can go on an excursions to Lake Massaciuccoli. It is located inside the Natural Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli, an area protected by the WWF and the LIPU. Guided tours allow you to closely observe flora such as the marsh orchids, the pink hibiscus and ferns.

Lake Massaciucoli is also animportant station for many migratory bird species that find refuge in the area’s small channels located between the reeds. On the banks, you’ll find several huts where bird watching enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the nature of the park. In addition to its natural beauty, this area offers many artistic and cultural initiatives each season.

The town of Torre del Lago offers a rich program of exhibitions folk performances and musical events which culminate with ‘The Puccini Festival’, celebrated in the town’s outdoor theatre on the lake.
The Festival offers spectators the chance to experience the atmosphere which inspired the Maestro. The open air Grand Theatre allows one to enjoy the opera along with the surroundings, with a magnificent view of the Lago di Massaciuccoli, framed by the Apuan Alps, immersed in a natural lake landscape unique in Europe. When the Maestro discovered Torre del Lago, remaining bewitched by it, he described it in these words:“absolute bliss …… paradise … Eden….”.

It was in fact a small country village with one hundred and twenty inhabitants and twelve houses. A century later Torre del Lago is still a place of sunny beaches, fresh pinewoods, and the ever tranquil lake – in other words, still an Eden!
Their favourable geographic positions make Viareggio and Torre del Lago Puccini ideal bases for trips to the famous Tuscan cities of art or longer itineraries linked to quarrying and the artistic working of marble, the “white gold” of the Apuan Alps, where the landscape unites the harshness of the mountains and the enclosed valleys with the softness of the woods and hollows, where between the chestnut trees appear villages nestled at the bottom of rocky mountain faces, with upland plateaus covered by green terraces and streams which cascade down from the rocks creating spectacular displays of water.

Villa Puccini at Torre del Lago - Festival Puccini
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