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Top 5 things to check out in Florence

florence It doesn't matter if this is your first time in Florence or if you have already been here a dozen of times: this video is perfect for you! I found it on YouTube while I was looking for travelers' videos. I have chosen it because it would fit perfectly to any friend of mine, and believe me: I have many friends and they love to visit Tuscany! Some are coming for the first time (there is always someone that is dreaming about Tuscany and wishes to realize the dream of an incredible trip to the land of "Voglio Vivere Così").  Others come very often, and they want to see something different than the traditional sightseeings. So, voilà: PS. Are you a traveler? Have you a video of your trip in Tuscany? Share it with us! Write me an email: bbueno@h-art.it .