Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Tuscany

As a music lover and an active traveller, I always dreamed to have an easy-to-use map with a selection (made by locals) of the best events I could take part in while visiting a new country. Now that I work for the Tuscany's Voglio Vivere Così Social Media Team, I finally have the chance to create this tool and make it available to anyone coming over this summer! This map would be useful not only before planning your trip, but also once you're here to decide in which order to visit Tuscan cities (I guess if you love music a great concert will influence your choice!). This map's values is given by the fact it combines a daytime visit to tuscan art and culture to unforgettable nightlife events and concerts. So here is the selection of the best Summer Music Festivals you shouldn't miss during your stay in Tuscany between July and August. In the map you will find the cities, the venues of the concerts, the artists, the dates and the full programme of each one of these Summer Festivals. View Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Tuscany in a larger map 1 - Lucca Summer Festival (10th - 25th July 2010) 2 - Pistoia Blues Festival (14th - 18th July 2010)
3 - Italia Wave Love Festival (21st - 25th July 2010)
4 - Puccini Festival (16 July - 22nd August 2010)
5 - Tuscan Sun Festival (31st July - 5th August 2010)
Click on the single events in the map to find out the whole programme, venues and the useful information you need to plan your trip to Tuscany. For music updates in Tuscany join all TuscanyTunes channels on line.
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