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Top 15 adventure sports you can practice in Tuscany

Not everybody knows that Tuscany is not only Renaissance, culture, green rolling hills or relax while drinking a glass of wine... During your last stay in Tuscany, between a visit to a museum or a stroll downtown Florence, you may have missed the possibility to practice some extreme (or extremely funny and surprising) sports... Here's the top 15 adventure sports you can practice in Tuscany:

Ride the wind and the waves

1. Kitesurfing in Tuscany


2. Hiking in Tuscany

3. Windsurfing on the Livorno coast

4. Mountain-biking in Tuscany


5. Diving in the Tuscan archipelago

punto di corda

6. Motorbiking in the Mugello Autodrome

Hot-air Balloon over Lucca

7. Hot-air balooning in Tuscany


8. Canoeing on Bilancino Lake

Capraia - Forte S Giorgio - 08.08.2006

9. Sailing in Tuscany

The big blue

10. Snorkeling in Tuscany


11. Paragliding or Skydiving in Lucca


12. Hand gliding in Tuscany

Ice Skating in Lucca

13. Iceskating in Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy Arno River Man Fishing at Monna Lisa Bridge

14. Fishing in Valtiberina

And last but not least the extreme sport we love the most...

eating spaghetti

15. Eating in Tuscany :mrgreen: