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Those who like to drink, talk of wine

De vulgari eloquentia (On Eloquence in the vernacular) by Dante Tuscan dialect is also known as the language of the Italian people due to literary influencers such as Dante, Petrarca, Bocaccio and Macchiavelli that unified the people of different States through their works. Tuscan later became the official language of all the Italian States and of The Kingdom of Italy. In Tuscan there are many expressions people currently use to express their feelings and state of mind. What I noticed is that very often these expressions are directly connected to food! This is why I decided to give the Tuscan version and a literary translation but also a sort of explanation of the reasons why tuscans say certain sentences in certain occasions. A guide to those of you that live here and at times don't understand subtle, between the line statements and to those that want to visit and fit in immediately, cause those who like to drink, talk of wine ! Achi piace i' bere, parla di vino - Those who like to drink, talk of wine: When we're interested in something our mind constantly takes us there, basically we always think and talk about it. In Tuscany where wine is fundamental for a variety of reasons this expression is connected to wine, it is especially used when for example we think that someone who drank will eventually tell us something we might want to find out!