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Comune di Pistoia: la valle del Vincio

The Vincio di Brandeglio Valley

Discovering the Pistoia hills

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Vincio di Brandeglio is one of the numerous streams that winds its way through the hills toward the plains of Pistoia. This stream begins in the North-eastern mountains of Pistoia, such as Poggiobello; said summits separate the Ombrone valley from the Liesina and Reno territories. The Vincio di Brandeglio stream continues through Mulino della Sega and the hamlet of Cucciano before forming its two main tributaries: Vincio delle Piagge and Vincio di Cireglio. In this area, you’ll find thick vegetation that covers the area’s wooded slopes; to the north, you’ll see ample olive groves and fruit trees.

As you descend towards the northern plains, the landscape becomes more and more cultivated, while the south continues to be characterized by open spaces covered by thick coppice and chestnut forests. The valley was used in ancient times; it hosted the departure points of many paths that wound through the Pistoia mountains toward the Po Valley or the Garfagnana area. An ancient medieval path once crossed the Ombrone stream just north of Capostrada’s center. Today you can still see the Gello bridge, once known as the ‘Asinaio’.

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