Borgo di Tavernelle

The town of Tavernelle

A lovely town to visit, not far from Licciana Nardi

Tavernelle is located along the road that from Licciana goes to the Lagastrello Pass, on the right side of the Taverone stream. The town is very evocative and is characterized by portals, galleries and windows in sandstone. The name is probably derived from the taverns that were present here in the medieval period, situated along the ancient "Salt Route". There is an interesting tower house in Tavernelle, built in 1516 by Alfonso Saffi. The XVI century church of St. Rocco dates back to 1500 and is known to have been built by the Antonetti family.
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Lunigiana is a historical region located in both Tuscany and Liguria, between the Spezia and Massa-Carrara provinces. It owns its name to the city of Luni, an ancient Etruscan city, and then Roman colony in 177 BC. ...
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