Borgo di Gragnola

The town of Gragnola

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The village of Gragnola is situated on the flood plains of the Lucido and Aulella streams. It probably derives its name from the commerce of grain developed in the area in the Middle Ages. Perhaps of Roman origin, Gragnola dates back to the dominion of the family of the Bianchi of Erberia. In the XV century, with the rise of the Malaspina family, the town's defensive walls were built. Today, sadly only some ruins remain.

Gragnola is dominated by the castle of the Eagle, placed on the top of a hill. The marquises of Gragnola were related to a branch of the Malaspina di Fosdinovo family, the first being Lord Gabriele. This branch is famous because in 1418, Leonardo Malaspina took the castle of the Verrucola of Fivizzano and ordered the slaughter of the whole family. Only Spinetta survived.
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