The squares of Piombino

An itinerary to discover one of the most beautiful port cities in Tuscany

Among the city’s many monuments, medieval streets and districts, the symbol of the city of Piombino is Piazza Bovio, which faces onto the sea. Over the centuries, this square has remained the panoramic terrace of the city, overlooking the Tuscan Arcipelago, and more particularly, Elba Island. Many ships leave and depart from Piombino port, passing by the lighthouse, located at a far angle of the square. Very few squares in Italy are comparable to Piazza Bovio because it seems to extend far out into the sea. The sea has always been the true protagonist in the history of Piombino, which became an important economical centre in the era of the ‘Repubbliche Marinare’, when the Republic of Pisa transformed this small town into one of the most important post cities along the Tyrrhenian coast. From this moment on,

Piombino continued to grow. From Piazza Bovio, visitors can walk to the various medieval monuments in the historical city center, but the most beautiful walk is along the seaside, which also faces onto the main canal. Walking in the direction opposite the lighthouse, after about 10 steps or so visitors can turn right towards Viale del Popolo, or left towards the marina. When turning left there is a small square, called Piazzetta Grani. Several areas in the historic city centre are being reclaimed by the city administration, like for example, the former Lega Navale building, which is being turned into a museum.