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The pristine nature of Casentino

Nature trail from the Casentino to Val di Chiana

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The Casentino area is essentially a dense forest in between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. The Tuscan side is crossed by the tributaries of the Arno and is home to the Casentinesi State Forests, ancient woodlands that are extraordinary rich in flora and fauna. This is where you can see over 1,000 different species of flowers and waterfalls. The Acquacheta Waterfall, which is found here, was described by Dante in his Divine Comedy. From here, you can jump 70 meters into the pristine waters from the protruding arenaceous rocks.

Since Etruscan times, the ancient lands of the Val di Chiana was and still is one of the exclusive areas of raising prized cattle, called Chianina. This characterizes the agricultural richness of the valley, where the production of cereals, sugar beet, oil and a fine local wine, il Bianco Vergine thrive.