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Follonica - Maremma

The Maremma in bloom

Regional parks and natural beauty

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The Regional park of the Maremma, also known as ‘Dell’Uccellina’ hosts various eco-systems including the vast swap of Trappola, located near the source of the Ombrone River. The swamplands of Trappola are located in the northern part of the park, where you can see reeds and bulrushes, in addition to many other species including prune trees, poplars and willows. On the sandy coast that runs along the mouth of the Ombrone and Marina di Alberese, you can find dunes of various sizes.

Along its shores you’ll find water lilies, marine chamomile and snowbells as well as various types of juniper. A vast pine forest hosting marine pines stretches toward the sea. Man-made pine forests have always been typical of Tuscany and this example was created in the 1830s. You’ll also find several plant species typical of arid Mediterranean climates including mirth and heather. In addition to farmlands and century-old olive groves, the area hosts pastureland for Maremma cows and horses.

This hilly area is dotted with ancient towers and stunning medieval settlements; it is also known for hosting some rare vegetation such as the dwarf palm. In springtime, visitors will delight in the area’s orchids that grow naturally; the most common species is the Ophrys Orchis. Admission is free; cars have access to the Marino di Alerese beach and hiking route A7 from the Source of the Ombrone. Free access is also available from Talamone (routes T1 and T2). The central part of the park and the Alberese Visitors’ Centre can be reached by public bus.

Educational trails are available: try the A5 Fauna trail or the A6 Forest trail, with free entrance from the Alberese. Day-time hours vary by season. For more information, contact the Alberese Visitors’ Center, Piazza del Combattente, Alberese, tel. 0564.407098; or the Regional Park of the Maremma Agency in Pianacce, Alberese. Tel. 0564.407111, e-mail:parcomar@gol.grosseto.it. For guided visits contact: Coop. Albatro, tel. 0564.410121; Centro Turismo Equestre Rialto (Equestrian Center for excursions on horseback), tel. 0564.407102; Azienda Agricola regionale di Alberese (Regional Agricultural Company) tel. 0564.4071.
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Picture this: wide expanses to get lost in, wheat and sunflower fields, a rail that cuts through countryside behind a pine forest on the Tyrrhenian Sea. A haven for both mountain and sea lovers. Fishermen’s villages. ...
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