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Parco della Maremma

The Maremma, a tour

Land of silence and nature

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When to go and duration of journey:
During the week, 60 km

National Park of the Maremma, Alberese, Grosseto, Capalbio

How to get there:
Car, motorcycle, horse

The Maremma area near Grosseto is in southern Tuscany and in the centre of the peninsula. It is one hour by car from Rome and Florence. Once an unlucky area because it was a swamp and thus infested by malaria, it is now a prime example of pure and wild natural beauty due to its crystal waters, golden beaches, and a coast characterized by pine trees and populated with cows and select horses. From Grosseto to Capalbio there are never-ending beaches and places frequented by celebrities, as well as seafood specialties and world-renowned wines. The vitality of these zones disappears within moments in the silence of low mountains and hills, where visitors can discover a more authentic Tuscany - everything from watchtowers to abbeys.
Don’t miss the Maremma National Park, which extends for 100 sq. km, excluding the south and south-west borders that face onto the sea and the high, rocky coastline. North of this zone, there are a series of beaches with many types of centiuries-old plants characteristic of the zone, which have adapted well to the sandy and salty area. From a naturalistic point of view, the Monti dell’Uccellina, the pine trees in Marina di Alberese, the Foce del fiume Ombrone, the Palude from Trappola together comprise a precious mosaic of ecosystems, which have been touched by human intervention throughout the years without ever damaging it.

Where to stay:
The regional Azienda Agricola in Alberese, which extends 4000 hectres, 700 of which are pine trees, 200 hectres are swamp area, 2000 hectres are workable forest. It is one of the biggest regional 'aziende' in Italy. It offers an elegant stay in recently restructured apartments whith have a total of 40 beds. Enjoy a captivating and romantic vacation near uncontaminated beaches and beautiful sea views. Loc. Spergolaia, Alberese Tel. 0564407100

Information and helpful hints  
The average temperature in the National Park is about 6 degrees in January and about 24 degrees in August. It rains 690 mm on average every year, mostly in November and December, and minimally in July and August. Summer is generally very dry. The southern Maremma, which coasts on Albegna and Ombrone, and continues until the Argentario, should be discovered with the same adventurous spirit of the travelers of yore: on foot, by boat or by horse. There are also several routes for the disabled. For those who stay in Alberese, we recommend buying meat from animals raised in the wild, the Morellino DOC red wine, white wine, extra virgin olive oil and five varieties of honey and pine nuts. To find out more visit:
www.maremma online.it,

Special events:
From June to October see the performance of the ‘butteri’, who are the cowboys of the Maremma area, held at the historic farm near Roselle Equinus, called Fattoria del Marruchetone. Events on the Butteri della Maremma, the last cowboys of Europe, will be organized.