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Isola d'Elba, insediamenti preistorici

The Isle of Elba – an Eden since pre-history

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The first traces of inhabitants on Elba are of Neanderthal man, but the earliest important settlements date to the 3rd century BCE, the Copper Age. Burying locations with funerary goods including decorated crockery, flint arrow heads, and various copper objects have been found. There are also important finds from the Bronze Age, deposits excavated in the earth where the communities conserved various objects, including, necklaces, work tools and battle instruments.

The “Caprili” are the one of the most visible relics. Circular or elliptical constructions which can measure as much as 13m across, they are made with stones and roofed with boughs or, rarely, with concentric circles of stones which form a conical dome. These are often found on Mount Capanne where there are also a number of Menhir, large vertical stones which have been arranged in mysterious ways.

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