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The history of Tuscany through museums and archeological areas

Educational proposals from the Tuscan museum system

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There are lots of activities and educational courses at the Tuscan museums and archeological museums for the smallest visitors. From workshops for families with children to educational courses dedicated to schools, there are lots of offers from the Tuscan cultural system.

The Castello di Porciano in Casentino offers guided tours, hiking paths, heraldry workshops, and medieval fencing.

At Borgo a Mozzano, you can organize a walk along the Linea Gotica to see the fortifications and the Museo della Memoria.

Pontremoli offers archeology, history, and nature, with workshops at the Museo delle Statue Stele and at the Castello del Piagnaro and hiking paths to discover the village and Via Francigena.

The Museo archeologico del Chianti senese in Castellina in Chianti also offers a wide range of principally archeological educational activities, but not only that. The activities offered only to schools can be declined and thought over toward the eventual needs and interests of families with teens and children, for both the duration of the events and the content. The activities are addressed to a variety of ages, from children of the age of three to high school students and the workshops and content will reflect the appropriate level of the age of the participants.

The Museo civico "La città sotterranea" di Chiusi always offers paid guided tours from November to April, on Thursday and Friday mornings at the times 10:10, 11:10, and 12:10 and on Saturdays and Sundays at the times 10:10, 11:10, 12:10, 15:10, 16:10, 17:10. From May to October, everyday (except Monday) the hours are 10:15, 11:30, 12:45, 15:15, 16:30, and 17:45. Visits to the educational workshop for kids and teens, looking at the Etruscan writing, and the restoration of ceramic materials and archeology (excavation simulations) can be organized through reservations.

The Museo Archeologico Comprensoriale del Mugello e della Val di Sieve, in Dicomano and the archeological area of Frascole organize guided visits for families and kids through reservations.

In the historical complex of Oblate in Florence, the Museo e Istituto Fiorentino di Preistoria “Paolo Graziosi” opens its doors to summer workshops opens its doors to summer workshops for kids starting from four years old. Kids will discover the past of the humanity with guided tours and workshops. They will be able to experiment with various techniques used in prehistory to make pictures, engravings, ceramics, weaves, textiles, and metals, through direct contact with primal materials.  

In Lucca, educational courses at the Museo della Cattedrale are divided in four different sections, adaptable to the different ages. For the youngest, there are courses connected to fables and the history of the museum. For the bigger kids, there are activities connected to the discovery of the museum and of the cathedral and the archeological area.

The archaeological area "Massaciuccoli romana" in Massarosa offers educational courses offered to kids and teens with the intent of helping them better understand ancient history.

In Volterra there are numerous organized activities for kids and teens from the Museo dell’Alabastro, and the Palazzo dei Priori to the Pinacoteca and the Museo Civico through which they can discover the treasures of art.

The Museo didattico sulla civiltà della Scrittura a San Miniato is an interactive museum, directed mainly at kids, which recounts the history of supporters of handwriting. Visitors have the possibility to handle some of the materials used for transmitting from memory (stone, papyrus, clay, parchment, slabs, oilcloth). The museum course also includes a section dedicated to the history of numbers, with historical games and math problems for children. (For information and contact: via De Amicis, 34 56028 loc. San Miniato Basso, San Miniato (Pisa) – tel. 0571 42598 – museo.scrittura@comune.san-miniato.pi.it)

is the list of activities proposed for the schools from other museums in the Valdarno Inferiore.

The Museo civico e archeologico di Sarteano
together with the educational offers includes lesions, workshops, more in-depth discovery (for example of Etruscan paintings, the symposium, and feasting), organized hikes, and special workshops for certain occasions like the Notti dell’Archeologia.

The Museo Archeologico del Casentino “Pietro Albertoni” thought of educational courses for every age which lets kids understand our history from prehistory to the Middle Ages, the era of the Egyptians, and the Etruscans, but also activities that let them play archeologists for the day or go on a treasure hunt through the museum rooms.