The hiking trails of Tuscany: endless scenic paths to explore

The walk that truly puts you in touch with nature

Tuscany is rich in trails specially made for hiking, which are constructed and maintained by local administrative powers as well as established walking associations of the area. In addition to the dense network of trails, marked by the recognisable red and white stripes of the Club Alpino Italiano, which are seen throughout Italy, there are also many lesser-known associations that are all about discovery.

The first of these, the G.E.A., (Grande Escursione Appenninica), makes up the longest hiking trail in Tuscany; with 400km of developed paths, divided between 25 landmarks, connecting Umbria and Marche to Liguria. This trail encompasses the whole of the Tuscan Apennines; strenuous but immensely rewarding, the path offers places to rest and accommodation, all along on the path at a ridge of 00. 

The SO.F.T. (Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking), on the other hand, is a large chain of paths a few kilometres from Florence, which encircle the valley of Mugello and Val di Sieve. Here it is possible to walk for days on end, following the Florentine Apennine ridge, which crosses the G.E.A in various places. The SO.F.T is a system of paths which are made of one main ring and twenty-two secondary rings which connect to it. The main ring covers a route along the Apennine ridge (the path of the Futa-Monte Falterona, which coincides with the G.E.A), and is the division between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic, and the ridge which separates the Mugello valley of Florence-Prato from the Val di Bisenzio. SO.F.T. facilities sometimes overlap with those of the G.E.A, however in many cases they are independent and located near to villas or farmhouses, in former village schools, in monasteries, in campsites or tourist firms, or rather in hiking shelters 'correct in the truest sense of the word

The Renaissance Ring, a trail perfect for hiking, mountain biking and generally for being outdoors, stretches out for 178 kilometres amongst the hills which surround Florence, and has at its centre the spectacular dome of Brunelleschi. Get to know the area that surrounds the city, and walk along a trail which once made up the network of reference points that connected the centre of the city to the rest of the world, as well as understanding the landscape which inspired the great masters of the Renaissance. Walking the Renaissance Ring will allow you to discover these things that have characterised the many paths, which remain integral to the ancient network of streets in the Florentine area. Once abandoned and disused, they have been stitched together to create a system of hiking trails, which is the first round-the-city trail in

Urban trekking in Siena on the other hand, takes the form of a walking trail which does not require a particular training regime, but instead explores the artistic streets of the city itself, which is characterised by strong gradients in the land. Urban hiking provides a new and enjoyable way to get to know the extraordinary beauty of a cities art-history, whilst still being able to walk around and breathe clean air.

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Val di Sieve
The green abounding beechwoods, rows of cypresses and vines, are an integral part of Val di Sieve. This enchanting area goes from the final part of Sieve river valley to Pratomagno Fiorentino, and includes the ancient villages of San Godenzo, ...
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