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Topiary Pistoia
Photo ©Flavia Cori - Visit Tuscany Social media team

Pistoia's green sculptures

Whimsical sculptures shaped out of living greens

Pistoia is renowned for its beautiful mountains, authentic traditional cuisine, historic cities, nursery industry and fascinating topiary art: the art of clipping shrubs or trees into sculptures and ornamental shapes. The origin of the word stems from the Greek topia, meaning “string to tie plants.”

Topiary in Pistoia
Topiary in Pistoia - Credit: Flavia Cori

In Pistoia, Romiti e Giusti, a topiary farm, creates fanciful sculptures by pruning, shaping and growing plants using a wireframe structure.

Unique solutions for contemporary gardens
Unique solutions for contemporary gardens - Credit: Flavia Cori

Topiary art dates to the Middle Ages when pyramid shapes and whimsical mazes were built to adorn villas, though topiary techniques were often less sophisticated than those of today.

Topiary art
Topiary art - Credit: Flavia Cori

Today, the wireframe structures for growing plants has improved significantly, offering numerous topiary options for contemporary gardens: cars, buildings, dinosaurs and everyday objects are shaped out of trees and shrubs to form green sculptures of every size.

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