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La galleria delle Fonti dell'Abbondanza

The Fonti dell’Abbondanza Gallery in Massa Marittima

Medieval Water Collection Gallery in Grosseto

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During the Middle Ages, underground passages were dug out in the travertine rock upon which the town of Massa Marittima lies to supply water to the Fonti dell’Abbondanza, a building with three large pointed arches, built and decorated in 1265. Its beautiful frescoes were only recently discovered and restored. The most famous is the so-called “fertility” fresco, painted in the first arch depicting a tree with many branches with fruits shaped like phalluses, symbolizing fertility and life. In the past, the Fonti dell’Abbondanza had a strategic role for the town, especially in the event of a siege, as they were the only springs within the town walls that provided drinking water. Opening up under the second arch is the underground water collection gallery. Wells have been dug out in the passageway, which measures approximately 270m in length and 1.90 m in height, to collect the water filtered by the rock above; limestone stalactites can be seen on the vault and formations of various shapes and sizes also decorate the floor and the walls.

Useful Information
It is obligatory to follow the guides’ instructions. The helmet must be worn at all times. We recommend that you wear trekking gear. A helmet and electric torch are supplied by the tour guides.

Opening times
Visits during special events, upon reservation only.

Guided tours
In Italian. The visits during special events are free.

Tour route
There is an easy trail: 1h, 270 m.

How to get there
From the north: A12 Genoa- Livorno motorway, Rosignano exit; then the Aurelia SS 1 main road, Follonica est exit; then follow the signs for Massa Marittima.

From the south: Rome-Civitavec- chia motorway; then the Aurelia SS 1 main road in the direction of Grosseto, Follonica est exit; then follow the signs for Massa Marittima.

RAMA FMF bus service; Follonica railway station, Pisa-Rome line.
Follonica-Massa Marittima route (1 trip every hour); Siena-Massa Marittima (3-4 trips per day).

Galleria delle Fonti dell’Abbondanza Piazzale Mazzini Massa Marittima (GR)
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